Job Hunters: 6 Questions with Engineering

Happy "Job Hunters" Friday! Today we are featuring David Bongiovanni from GREE's Engineering team to talk to you about what he does at GREE, what he looks for when growing his team, and why you should be a part of it too!

1. What is your role at GREE?

I support two product teams at GREE International: analytics applications and game services. Analytics applications includes dashboards, development tools, SDKs, and scalable ETL which all talk to pretty much every conventional data source and some unconventional ones as well. Our game services team supports chat and leaderboards that serve millions of players using cutting edge scalable architecture built on loosely coupled services.

My most important role is providing the communication channels necessary for every individual to excel in their chosen path, while providing great value to our external and internal customers.

2. What characteristics go into forming an exceptional team?

A key step is finding people who enjoy what they do, then providing the best possible environment for them to succeed.  Sometimes that means modifying the business to fit the team members.  On our team, everyone has the opportunity to make a big impact with a small, well-timed execution. Being able to catch those moments on a regular basis is critical to our success.

3. What do you look for in candidates?

We look for people who are curious about engineering and have the skills and desire to constantly push the boundary of finding new efficiencies and performance.  It isn’t just the gamers who have fun with code at GREE.  We look for people who get a kick out of building web scale services and data warehouses, and who build cool, efficient solutions just because it is fun to do things the right way.  People who generally just dig coding and enjoy cooperating with each other to make the whole bigger than the contributors, are also really important to me.

4. What roles are you hiring for specifically at the moment? 

We are hiring big data software engineers who are not afraid to take on new challenges.  We code in Java, Go, Node, Python, PHP, and more so there are plenty of opportunities to join the team.  Developers who think blocking is a dirty word and async is an assumption will fit right in.

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5. What makes your team a cool team to be a part of?

Every day is full of surprises and successes.  Those big impact moments I mentioned earlier happen a lot on our team at GREE, and our millions of happy customers are both proof and motivation.  Everyone is constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of available technology, and it’s an honor to share in the successes that the team’s dedication brings.

6. What made you want to join GREE and what do you love most about it? 

GREE applies more cool technology on a regular basis than all my previous companies combined.  We don’t refactor code much because it was built right the first time, so we get to focus on new technologies and services that keep us ahead of our growth.  But what I love most are the people I get to work with who are without exception professional, dedicated, and fun!

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