Happy third birthday, Crime City!

It's been three years since Crime City was launched and we are so excited about the success it continues to see today. To celebrate, we threw a "Crime City Anniversary" party at the GREE office last week - and what better way to celebrate a crime-themed mobile game, than doing it 1920s, speakeasy style! photo 1 (2)
The GREE team enjoying some bootleg cocktails and old fashion good eats
photo 3 (3)
(Candy) cigarettes and fedoras for a true 1920s mobster experience!
photo 2 (5)
Prohibition-era drinks? They had us covered!
photo 3 (5)
Can't have a celebration without some yummy treats!
photo 3 (6)
....and more yummy treats.
photo 2 (6)
We are so proud of the development team who has worked so hard over the last three years to make Crime City what it is today. We also want to thank all the players that have supported us all along. From day one, GREE's goal has been to make great games for players to enjoy worldwide, so we're happy that we've been able to do that for so long with Crime City.
Happy third birthday, Crime City!

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