A day in the life of: HR!

Ever wonder what a Human Resources professional does at a mobile gaming company? Mary Rios-Janes, HR Manager at GREE International is here to explain what the Human Resources team does, how the HR Information Systems group is different, and what awesome projects they have been working on. Enjoy!

1. What is your role at GREE?

I am a Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Manager working in the Human Resources group at GREE International.  The position is basically an intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software.

2. What does your team do and how is it different from the rest of Human Resources?

Our team manages and supports applications and data that support HR processes including Payroll, interfaces, Benefits, Recruiting, Compensation, and Talent Management.  We collaborate with client group managers to analyze HR work process design and flow; improve processes and leverage the return on technological capabilities. I also serve as a technical point-of-contact for assigned functional area and assists subject matter experts with ensuring data integrity, testing of system changes, report writing and analyzing data flows for process improvement opportunities.

3. What has come out of the HRIS team so far?

The HRIS team developed several tools to enhance HR processes including an automated performance spreadsheet that has enabled all managers of people to participate in the annual review process. We recently completed a six-month search for a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Benefits Administration System and Payroll System. We evaluated several systems based on their ability to adapt to our business model, culture, and workflow requirements and we found a fully integrated system that will seamlessly communicate with our data vendors/databases.  The new system will enhance the workflow and efficiency of existing processes and will handle structure and process changes to communicate with current and future data systems.

4. How do you work with 2nd party/ outside vendors?

We work with several vendors such as ADP (Payroll services, benefits, time and attendance), Trakstar (Performance Management), and SAP to manage employee data and provide employee services. With the implementation of our new system, all HR services will be housed under one system to provide better oversight of employee data, improve customer service, ensure greater compliance, and enhance productivity.

5. Describe a typical day for you - what do you do?

A majority of my work day is focused on writing, maintaining and supporting a variety of reports or queries to support ongoing customer needs. I perform daily audits to maintain data integrity in systems by running queries and analyzing data. I collaborate with HR and Department Managers to develop user procedures, guidelines and documentation and train employees on new processes/functionality.

6. What makes your work exciting?

The ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of the employee in a fast-paced, global environment requires an exceptional degree of creativity and latitude. This position allows me to think out of the box when it comes to creating HR solutions that will enable managers to focus their time and energy on the development of their employees.  I basically get to use my 20+ years of HR experience to “Marry” (Definition: to combine or blend agreeably) existing processes and add new technology to keep up with our sophisticated workforce.


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