Beyond the Dead


You are the last hope. A survivor of an unknown viral outbreak. Join the fight against the zombie hordes. And, when the world is against you and the walking dead roam the streets, you know what works best? Guns. Lots of guns.

You don't have to do it alone. Find other survivors. Together, you will become humanity's last shot at redemption. Build a safe haven and defend it against zombies and humans alike, find the supplies necessary for survival, and uncover the truth about the outbreak. Fight, survive, prevail.

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Key Features

  • Discover and recruit over 100 unique survivors, each bringing their own story and skills to the fight.
  • 400+ weapons, everything from machetes to the jaws of life, possibly even the kitchen sink!
  • Explore the vast post-apocalyptic land with 24 areas teeming with enemies both zombie and human.
  • Defend yourself against the horde by designing and constructing your settlement to support and train your team for battle!
Beyond the Dead
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