World Domination

Three-day event where factions face off against each other for the chance to take over a country.

HINT: Strengthen your offense or defense by using rewards gathered from pre-war missions.


A group formed by individual players who want to team up and take over the world.

HINT: There’s strength in numbers, so recruit widely and wisely.

Declare War

Any member of a faction can initiate combat against another faction. Only one battle can be declared at a time.

HINT: No man should stand alone. Each battle lasts one hour, so make sure your entire faction is ready and waiting.


A faction can win a war without winning the battle. The faction that scores the most World Domination Points is the victor.

HINT: For the faction that gets defeated, all is not lost. You get to keep points earned during battle.

Coming Soon: Defense Leaders

Elite Mission

You’ve proven yourself in combat. Now, we need you to form a faction of elite soldiers that will fight in a series of battles. Every month, you must attack and defeat other factions in a three-day faceoff for control of a country. The operation will continue until your faction overpowers each adversary, controls every country, and rules the entire world.

How can I participate in World Domination?

Participation is open to all registered and active players of Modern War who form factions with other players and participate in scheduled three-day events.

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