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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in World Domination?

Participation is open to all registered and active players of Modern War who form factions with other players and participate in scheduled three-day events.

What is the three-day event?

World Domination is limited to three days per month, during which a specific country is up for grabs. To gain control of the country, factions face off against other factions. The winning faction gets its name placed on a world map, over the country it won.

Is the three-day World Domination event in addition to the individual missions that already exist within the game?

Yes. However, participation in the individual missions is strongly encouraged, as factions can earn rewards that can be used for and during the monthly World Domination event.

How does a faction fight another faction?

Battles between factions must be initiated and can be done so by clicking the “Declare War” button. After doing so, the faction declaring war will be matched up against a rival faction.

Who can “Declare War” for a faction?

Any member of a faction can declare war. Initiation is determined by the first member to declare war. If more than one member declares a war, a notification will appear that another faction member has submitted a request.

How soon will a battle begin once war is declared?

Once a faction has clicked the “Declare War” button, battle will begin within a few minutes. Once it begins, each member of a faction will receive a “Battle Alert” notification.

Do wars have a time limit?

Yes. Battles between factions are limited to one hour.

Is there a limit to how many wars can be declared?

Yes. Only one battle against one faction can be fought at a time.

Will a faction be disqualified if all members are not available to fight?

No. Every faction member is not required in order for a faction to “Declare War” or fight against another faction. However, it is highly recommended to improve your chances of winning.

How is the winning faction determined?

A faction can win the battle, but not the war. Points are awarded throughout a war for a variety of accomplishments. For example, players receive World Domination points for attacking a Fortification. However, the points are significantly less than the points they would get from attacking another player.

The faction with the highest number of points at the end of the hour-long battle is declared as the winner.

What are fortifications?

Fortifications are barricades that help protect a faction and reduce the number of points that a rival faction can gain in its World Domination attacks by half. For example, if 100 points is typically earned from beating a rival faction, only 50 points will be awarded for taking down a rival faction’s fortification.

Once a fortification is destroyed, attacks return to their normal point levels.

How do I build fortifications?

Only the faction leader can build fortifications. However, all faction members can donate cash and concrete towards the construction of fortifications.

What is a command center?

A command center is similar to a fortification, in that it can serve as a layer of protection for a faction. However, unlike fortifications, command centers are pre-built for each faction, cannot be destroyed, and do not reduce the number of points awarded from a successful attack.

Command centers exist for all factions and can be attacked regardless of faction level. For example, if a faction has an extremely strong defense leader, the rival faction can still earn points from attacking a command center.

Why are command centers important?

Factions will be paired automatically with similarly-ranked factions. The command center can help less experienced or weaker faction members gain World Domination points by attacking it.

Why can’t I attack anyone other than the Defense Leader in the rival faction?

In order to fight all members of a faction, the Defense Leader of the rival faction must first be defeated. Until then, no other member of a faction can be attacked.